ARThaus Huber wants every event to be a personal and special experience. Therefore, every effort will be made to allow User to prepare decorations reflecting their creative requirements. We ask that only the staff of AHH rearrange and move any artwork, lamps, or antiques. NO nails, screws, staples or penetrating items are to be used on our walls or floors. Please be aware of the environmental impact of glitter or foil (non-paper) confetti when designing your theme- biodegradable options are available online. Only low tack tape is allowed on our floors and wall. Any damage to the space resulting from Users decorations will be charged after your event.


Please help us keep the premises clean. We have recycling bays in the art room and request that these are used, or that you please recycle as much as possible yourselves. 



Any breakages will be considered on an individual basis. We source our treasures form auction houses and Brocki’s to give the space it’s unique look, so items will need to be replaced. 


The user and guests shall use the Facility in a safe and considerate manner at all times. ARThaus Huber reserves the right to expel any or all of User’s guests or group members from the facility if their conduct is deemed disorderly. 

Causes for expulsion include, but are not limited to: over-intoxication, drug use or smoking at the Facility or within 25 feet of the Facility; the making of disparaging remarks; and engagement in, or provocation of, physical violence. We also ask you to respect our neighbours by keeping the noise down when leaving the property, with special care to be taken after 8.00pm


In the event of expulsion, User shall not be entitled to a refund of any fees and User shall be immediately obligated to pay all fees outstanding.


ARThuas Huber will take no responsibility for personal effects and possessions left on premises during or after any event. We do, however, maintain a lost and found and will hold recovered items up to 30 days. Every attempt will be made to return any recovered item to its rightful owner.



We are an art studio, therefore there will be paint and other materials around that can damage and mark clothing and any other items brought into the studio. ARThaus Huber does not accept responsibility for damage to your property unless we are at fault for instance, a pot of paint left out from a previous class. 

All children will be taught how to use craft knives and scissors safely. 

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