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I have never been able to draw, is there any hope for me?

Art is not about being able to replicate a piece of work, it is never about being the same. Drawing is one component to being able to create, you need to find the right medium for you. Here are ARThaus Huber we will teach you how to use an array of artists’ materials so you can find your creative self. 


I don’t like the idea of being judged, how would you teach me to find my own style?

There are basic rules to drawing accurately, here at ARThaus Huberwe feel that knowing these are the best foundation to creative expression. We are here to teach you the basics, lead you on a journey of discovery and to encourage you to be your own best artist- there is no judgement.


I don’t always have time to commit to a project, do I need to commit to a workshop?

What is important to us is that you enjoy creating and growing in confidence. We run courses on themes to draw out each individuals style through varying media and methods. These work best when you attend the whole course, however, we can set up bespoke classes for you, or you can simply book studio space to explore your own ideas.

Please contact us .

We don’t want you to give up. 

Do you only run courses in English, this is Switzerland?

Our native language in British English, so yes we offer classes in fluent English. But we also work in German, though you may have to help us with our evolving language skills. We are also interested to hear from people who speak other languages and welcome all to the classes, we feel that the expression of art should not be limited by the spoken word. 

Will I be able to take my work home with me?

Here at ARThaus Huber we like to work with clients to encourage growth. Our classes are designed to show you how much you have evolved over time. For this reason, we like you to keep some of your work in the studio until the workshop has finished. Sometimes, as artists will dismiss one piece of work only to return to it once their skills or perceptions have changed. 


Will I be able to book studio space to work on my own projects?

Yes, we can rent studio space to individuals in hourly slots as long as the studio is free. We do not want to disappoint or discourage your creativity, however, we do ask that you have undertaken an induction class to agree on working practices,  please contact us.


What kind of work do you cover?

We cover all aspects of visual representation from pencil and charcoal sketches, to the hues of watercolour, acrylic and spraying techniques, to modelling in paper, clay and found objects. We do not offer workshops using oil paints due to the drying times and high maintenance of the medium. 

We are led by your feedback as well as our inspiration and experiences.

Please tell us what you would like to learn.


Can you help me pull together my work into a portfolio?

Here at ARThaus Huber we can work with you on your vision, helping you to select and present your portfolio both online and on paper. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


Do you have changing facilities for babies?

At Arthaus Huber we want the whole family to feel comfortable, so yes, we are planning a changing area for babies.  


Can I bring my dog?

We are looking at setting up "Dog Days", where your four-legged friends will be welcomed.

Please contact us to hear about our planned Wednesday coffee mornings. 

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