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A fool this April?

It's Monday the first of April. Known as April Fools day, a popular day where mischief and misguidance rule...

Why did I choose this day to collect the keys for ARThaus Huber?

The kids are all deep in the Monday Blues, and late leaving for school. I drive to the key exchange but forget my contract and have to drive home again. So I am late- inexcusable in Switzerland.

Slightly flustered I am met with positive gusto by the departing Itailan gent, and paternal warmth by the agent and buildings manager. All three blow away my concerns and promise to sign up to 'Gentlemen Only' night, especially if they can bring Grappa.

By 10am I am standing with my great friend looking around the space that will become ARThaus Huber. It feels good! I am no Fool!

ARThaus Huber will offer art and design classes for all ages, we will rent our studio and party room for personal use and will even help you host an art based birthday party.

For now though we are decorating, renovating, purchasing and trying to do all things media.

ARThaus Huber
Key to the future....

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