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Respect the artist.

I love this article.

The above article takes me back to my advertising days but this lack of respect for the amount of work a person has put into a project permeates through society. I fell victim to it myself this week.

In advertising and film, there were countless meetings where the team had worked all weekend, perhaps all night to prepare concepts for a client. We all had times when we called our loved ones to cancel a dinner and "Oh, could you bring a change of clothes to the office, I'm pulling an all-nighter". Often we would dash to the bathroom last minute to freshen up for such a meeting. Only for the client to reject hours of work in seconds. Even if a piece were selected there would always be that 'little thing', which would represent hours of work.

Please respect the artist.

If you choose a book- read it to the end. An author and the supporting team will have spent months- maybe even years creating that book. If at the end you don't like it, that's OK, but...

Respect the artist.

If you see an advert on the side of a bus, or on TV, take a moment to look at the image, the type and the words- these things have been created by a fellow human being. This advert represents many hours spent trying to prefect the right message.

Respect the artist.

That song you love or hate on the radio- that's someones vision, a small piece of that artist. Respect the artist.

Our studio here at ARTHaus Huber represents many hours of work from the beautiful logo created by the incredible Corinna Farrow (contact us if you would like her to design for you), to the many hours spent working on this website, interior design of the studio and planning of lessons. Each artwork created here is highly personal, and holds a little piece of each and every artist.

Respect the artist.

If you are watching a video on Youtube, looking at a Pin or Insta post, these are all thought through by the poster. If you see an piece of art in a museum, on the street or even in a charity shop- these all represent the artist that created them. If you feel you can 'do better', please do pick up a camera, makeup brush, pencil or a microphone and try. That piece will then have elicited a response from you- inspiration.

Respect the artist.

We do not have to like everything someone else creates, we do not need to feel threatened by another artist- but we are all influenced by what we hear, see and touch.

Allow yourself to be inspired.

Become and artist.

Respect the artist.

Respect that fellow human.

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