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OPEN. And friendly...

We are finally open.

It has taken me many more hours and much more of everything to finally announce that ARTHaus Huber is open for business.

I am now working on creating postcards, posters and press releases to let all the beautiful people know about us!

On the website we have a first draft at our timetable, but we are flexible. Please contact us to discuss your requirements... really we want you to come and hang out with us.

As part of the launch we have been holding FREE taster classes based on animals, the young artists that have attended have been really pleased with their results. One young 'Fox' artist was so pleased that she has been carrying her artwork around with her to show everyone. I hear it went to football training, to school and even to the local Badi!! Well Done A, I am so pleased you are proud of your work. Just for you I will post a picture on the website for all to enjoy!

Please drop me a line, and pop by. It's no fun on our own!


Fox by A, aged 11 years and 1 month. Wolf work in Progress by M aged 10 years and 5 months! 2 hours in the studio with a small break, incredible work. Congratulations artists.

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