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Two weeks and blisters aplenty...

It is now 14 days since we first received the keys to ARThaus Huber, and we have been busy.

We have met our new neighbours, all of whom are totally welcoming and happy to have fellow creative people around. We have so far spent over 54 collective hours scrapping the old paint from the vintage terrazzo floor. We all have blisters, bruises and tender hands, but the result looks amazing! We started on the worst affected floor in the main art room, this week we will continue through the smaller art room and the entrance hall, these are speckled with paint, but nothing like the thickly encrusted nightmare we have just defeated!

We have also been working on the walls, with our artistic children all helping out. Please see our gallery for the latest updates and projects!

We still have quite a bit to do, but hope to publish our ***'Launch Party'*** dates this week.

Please keep an eye out on our facebook page, as well as here on the site.

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