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May it be a good omen...

This week as May has dawned many of our friends have been sending us Good Luck messages for the launch later this month.

We have been working hard to set up both the art studio and the party room. All of which was a little complicated but joyful by the children's school holiday. In near equal measures we worked and played hard.

We took a weekend trip to the beautiful city of Munich on one of the warmest days in April. The city is a beautiful medley of old and new, with a real diversity of people. We fought our way through the crowds during Saturday afternoon, trying to find a few bargains in before sharing an ice-cream and watching the people walk by.

For the Saturday evening we pre-booked a meal at Zwickl, We have a vegan and a gluten intolerance in the family, so following great reviews on Trip Advisor we booked. The restaurant was nicely full, the staff super friendly and the food was a delight.

On our way back to the hotel, we enjoyed the nightshift of Munich's street entertainers- one gent in particular had mastered the art of multiple languages all whilst singing and playing the guitar. We all went to bed that night giggling and happy.

The bravest members of the family also had their first swim in Lake Zurich, we also cycled around the lake, took a day spa at

In the studio we have finished the floors, installed most of the furniture, ordered the art supplies and we are just waiting for the paperwork to be finalised.

We are currently working on our online booking form and creating postcards using our students work- see below one featuring FIMO by Marley aged 9. We will be offering FIMO birthday parties and classes once we launch and we will be launching soon- we promise!

But for now enjoy the snow, sun, sleet, wind and rain in this crazy month of May.

Live Love Create.

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